Single Family Residential Property! Close To Lake! Clearlake Oaks, California!

Property details:

You are bidding on the full purchase price of the property, not a down payment. Description: Beautiful RESIDENTIAL lot in Lake County, California very CLOSE TO THE LAKE with HOMES EVERYWHERE in a HIGHLY DEVELOPED AREA! This property is in the sought after CLEARLAKE OAKS community and sits in the hills on the Eastern side of Clear Lake and right above Clear Lake Keys! This lot is the best value in the area and represents an excellent opportunity to own a piece of California. Property values have ...

Price: $ 780
Seller State of Residence: California
City: Clearlake Oaks
State/Province: California
Type: Homesite, Lot
Zip/Postal Code: 95423
Zoning: Residential
Property Address: 12825 High Valley Road
Location: 95423, Clearlake Oaks, California
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