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San Marcos East #2 - 20 Acre Lode Claim Near Wenden, Az - New River, Arizona | RealGeni.com

San Marcos East #2 - 20 Acre Lode Claim Near Wenden, Az

Property details:

Mine Finder GoldRanger Gold Exploration Purchase Contents: One 20.66 acre registered Arizona mining claim (Registration current to September 1st of 2018, fees due on September 1st of 2018 to the Bureau of Land Management to keep the claim active. For more information on the fees please see below.)An Arizona mining claim grants you mineral rights to the land, not property rights. For further information on what these mineral rights allow, please visit the Bureau of Land Management. Copy of the re...

Price: $ 1,795
Seller State of Residence: Arizona
State/Province: Arizona
Zip/Postal Code: 85324
Property Address: La Paz County
Type: Mining Claim
Location: 85087, New River, Arizona
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