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House on 3011 Guilford Avenue For Sale 33,000. Located in a nice, quiet, and peaceful neighborhood that is up and coming and has plenty of growth potential. This home is a beautiful fixer upper that is quality for raising a family and spacious enough to have guest. In addition to this house being easy access it is also a great investment for first time buyers as well as students due to being 15 minutes from downtown as well as bus line accessible....

Price: $ 33,000
Property Address: 3011 Guilford Ave
Number of Bedrooms: 2
State/Province: IN
Seller State of Residence: indiana
Number of Bathrooms: 1
Zip/Postal Code: 46205
Property Type: House
Setting: Urban, City
Sale Type: Existing Homes
For Sale by: Owner
Location: 46254, Indianapolis, Indiana
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