Manhattan Club! New York! Free 2019 Usage/transfer! No Fees Til 2021! $200 Visa!

Property details:

The Manhattan ClubNew York, NY Ownership InformationNumber of Bed/Bath: 1 Bedroom SuiteSleeps: 4Week: 10 Season: RedUnit: 1616Building: NACheck in Day(s): WeekendsUsage Type: Annual Use (4 days on even years and 3 days on odd years)First Year of Usage: 2019Maintenance Amount: ~$2,715 2019 paid (Not due til 2021)Maintenance Schedule: Odd Years Total Closing/Transfer Fees: $300 (Paid By Seller) The total cost paid to us with this property will be the winning bid only! *****************************...

Price: $ 1
State/Province: New York
Seller State of Residence: Massachusetts
City: New York
Type: Attractions
Location: 37876, Sevierville, Tennessee
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