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Wyndham Ocean Walk 233,000 Points - Carrollton, Texas | RealGeni.com

Wyndham Ocean Walk 233,000 Points

Property details:

Timely Acquisition Wants you to please note that we are not affiliated with nor do we represent the resort described in this item ad. (The Pictures In This Ad Are General In Nature) WYNDHAM RESORT Ocean Walk Resort 233,000 Points TIMESHARE FOR SALE Points: 233,000 annually Usage: Upon Completion Anniversary: January 1st (If you are an existing Wyndham owner this contract will revert to your current anniversary date) Trading Company: RCIMortgage: Paid in Full, Title is Free & Clear Maintenance Fe...

Price: $ 860
Seller State of Residence: Texas
State/Province: Florida
City: Daytona Beach
Zip/Postal Code: 32118
Type: All seasons
Property Address: 300 N. Atlantic Ave. Daytona Beach FL
Location: 75007, Carrollton, Texas
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